Dr. Mark Albert Torres

Assistant Professor - Rice University
Department of Earth, Environmental, & Planetary Sciences
email: mt61 (at) rice (dot) edu

Link to CV (updated 2/2023)

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twitter: @Dr_Mark_Torres

Graduate Students

Yi Hou

Yi is a PhD student who arrived at Rice in September 2019. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California. She is interested in better understanding the kinetics of reverse weathering in marine sediments and the role that physical processes (e.g. erosion) play in modifying the preservation of organic matter in sediments.

Will Larsen

Will is a PhD student in the group who came to us after finishing his undergraduate degree at the University of North Carolina. At Rice, he is studying the dynamics of riverine solutes, mineral weathering, and hydrologic processes within a tropical catchment in Puerto Rico using concentration-discharge relationships and water isotope ratios.